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TOC for The Mammoth Book of SF Stories by Women

SF Signal had the announcement yesterday: the TOC and cover for The Mammoth Book of SF Stories by Women. Here it is, for those who missed it.

The anthology is scheduled for release in the UK and USA (and other territories where UK/USA books appear) late in the year.

I'm incredibly excited and proud.


Sofia Samatar -- Girl Hours
Kristin Mandigma -- Excerpt from a Letter by a Social-realist Aswang
Vandana Singh -- Somadeva: A Sky River Sutra
Lucy Sussex -- The Queen of Erewhon
Tori Truslow -- Tomorrow Is Saint Valentine's Day
Nnedi Okorafor -- Spider the Artist
Karen Joy Fowler -- The Science of Herself
Alice Sola Kim -- The Other Graces
Elizabeth Bear & Sarah Monette -- Boojum
Natalia Theodoridou -- The Eleven Holy Numbers of the Mechanical Soul
Ursula K. Le Guin -- Mountain Ways
Nalo Hopkinson -- Tan--Tan and Dry Bone
Zen Cho -- The Four Generations of Chang E
Élisabeth Vonarburg -- Stay Thy Flight
Carrie Vaughn -- Astrophilia
Hao Jingfang -- Invisible Planets (translated by Ken Liu)
Nicole Kornher--Stace -- On the Leitmotif of the Trickster Constellation in Northern Hemispheric Star Charts, Post-Apocalypse
Shira Lipkin -- Valentines
Rochita Loenen-Ruiz -- Dancing in the Shadow of the Once
Nancy Kress -- Ej--Es
E. Lily Yu -- The Cartographer Wasps and the Anarchist Bees
Toiya Kristen Finley -- The Death of Sugar Daddy
Kameron Hurley -- Enyo--Enyo
Genevieve Valentine -- Semiramis
Aliette de Bodard -- Immersion
Greer Gilman -- Down the Wall
Karin Tidbeck -- Sing
Nisi Shawl -- Good Boy
Thoraiya Dyer -- The Second Card of the Major Arcana
Ekaterina Sedia -- A Short Encyclopedia of Lunar Seas
Benjanun Sriduangkaew -- Vector
Angélica Gorodischer -- Concerning the Unchecked Growth of Cities (translated by Ursula K. Le Guin)
Catherynne M. Valente -- The Radiant Car Thy Sparrows Drew


That's a splendid roster: I look forward to it.
Thank you. I'm so proud of it.

This is awesome.

Thank you. :D
I will have to pre-order a copy.

(If you're interested in reviewing it, though, I'm sure I can arrange a copy for you.)
Thanks! But I'm not competent to review short fiction: I don't read enough of it.

(On the other hand, if there is any TOC that made me want to read it and talk afterwards, it is that one.)

Edited at 2014-04-25 08:43 pm (UTC)
Fair! :)

On the other hand, if there is any TOC that made me want to read it and talk afterwards, it is that one.

Excellent. /strokes beard
*admires beard-stroking in an anthology editor*
Yay! An anthology I will enjoy reading (judging by the ToC)! Normally, I have a horrible track record of buying an antho, getting a little ways in and then losing interest. :-P

Looking forward to the It Is Here announcement later this year. :-)
Yay! An anthology I will enjoy reading (judging by the ToC)!

I really hope so! :)
What an amazing TOC!
Thank you!
Holy shit I love that cover.

Partly because her haircut makes me think of Mako Mori. But also the details: the sky, the tech (in the background and in her), the subtle weirdness of it. I sort of "hmm"d at her bared back, but noticing the tech detail makes me like it more, and really it's overall fantastic.
Yes to all of that! The bared back looks like it fits her outfit to me, and I kinda love wearing back-baring things whenever I can. It doesn't look like she's wearing armor or anything, and it's not particularly sexualized, so it feels right to me.

And I didn't comment on the ToC because OBVIOUSLY it's amazing. I already knew that, and so did you. :) The cover is really striking and I need this book.
Yeah, I had this moment of "Hmm, does it fit into that trend of bared women's body parts?" and I suppose it might, but my overall reaction was "Wow, this is striking, and she looks awesome." And no, it's not especially sexualised to me.

The cover is really striking and I need this book.

That is a juicy ToC! Well done!
vomiting foxes

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