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vomiting foxes

and you may have my precious bones on my return

I was actually right about crossing the mid-point of The Bone Queen: everything is suddenly a lot easier! I’m still having to re-do some chapters/scenes, but it’s finding new words to say essentially the same thing rather than needing to say something different. I’m still making tweaks in every chapter. The big-scale changes are over, though, and I’m now getting through chapters at a decent pace!

Sokka says it best:

So this is what I have to do.

- Finish reading every chapter, making tweaks where necessary. (Tweaks are either keeping things in line with earlier changes or improving the prose.) I have about 10 chapters to go.

- Re-read the entire book. Neaten the newly written bits. Polish.

There’s still some way to go. =D But I feel renewed optimism about getting this done by the end of the month, or very soon after.

I also want to write a short story by the end of the month for the interesting anthology, so what I’d really like to do is finish the current read-through and tweak of The Bone Queen, pause to write the short story by/before 31 March, then go back to do the re-read of The Bone Queen. Eastercon has always been my slightly extended deadline for The Bone Queen, and that I think I will make.

(Yes, I will be at Eastercon! Saturday and Sunday, most likely. Definitely Sunday, because I’m on a panel that evening. More information to come.)

I can do this!

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MAYBE IT'S FRIENDLY would probably not be a good life-philosophy in the world of The Bone Queen.
vomiting foxes

August 2014

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